Bright Dinosaur Letters Expand

Bright Dinosaur Letters


Custom made in the name or word of your choice, 4 sizes available

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£ 5.50

Size guide
Size guide
Letter15cm size
Height x Width
20cm size
Height x Width
25cm size
Height x Width
30cm size
Height x Width
A15 x 1720x 22.625 x 28.330 x 32.8
B15 x 1420x 18.625 x 23.330 x 27
C15 x 1420x 1825 x 22.530 x 26.1
D15 x 14.720x 19.625 x 24.530 x 27.3
E15 x 12.920x 17.225 x 21.530 x 25
F15 x 12.820x 1725 x 21.330 x 24.7
G15 x 1620x 2025 x 24.530 x 29
H15 x 1520x 2025 x 2530 x 29.5
I15 x 7.120x 9.525 x 11.830 x 13.7
J19 x 1025 x 1332 x 16.937 x 17.3
K15 x 16.420x 21.925 x 27.330 x 31.7
L15 x 12.120x 16.525 x 2030 x 23.5
M15 x 2020x 2725 x 3530 x 40
N15 x 16.420x 21.525 x 27.330 x 32.8
O15 x 14.520x 19.525 x 24.530 x 29.5
P15 x 12.820x 1725 x 21.330 x 24.7
Q15 x 15.820x 20.925 x 26.330 x 27.4
R15 x 1520x 2025 x 2530 x 29
S15 x 13.520x 17.925 x 22.530 x 26
T15 x 14.420x 1925 x 2430 x 27.8
U15 x 1520x 19.925 x 24.830 x 28.6
V15 x 16.920x 22.625 x 28.330 x 32.8
W15 x 2220x 2925 x 36.530 x 41.5
X15 x 16.820x 22.425 x 2830 x 32.5
Y15 x 14.720x 19.625 x 24.530 x 28.7
Z15 x 14.120x 18.925 x 23.530 x 27.4

Select the size you require from the drop down menu.

Size refers to the height of the letters.

Please see the size guide on the product page for the exact dimensions of each letter

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between 08-02-2022 and 11-02-2022 with UK Shipping

Product Info

  • Cute little dinosaurs and funky patterns in a colourful red, blue, green yellow and orange colour palette.
  • Cut from 9mm mdf in your name or word of choice
  • Choose from sizes 15, 20, 25 or 30 cm tall
  • This range is available in uppercase / capital letters. Numbers also available.
  • The pattern is printed into the painted surface - not a sticker, vinyl or glued on paper.
  • For indoor use only
  • Made in the UK

How to Wall Mount

  • The letters come ready to wall mount with either sticky fixers (15 and 20cm sizes) or sawtooth hangers (25 and 30cm sizes)
  • These letters do not stand up

Size Information

  • Letter size refers to the height of the letters
  • Please check the size guide above for exact dimensions of each letter

Customise Your Letters

  • You can leave it to us to choose which pattern to use on your letters, or to request a pattern/colour for each letter, simply leave us a message in the 'comments' box to let us know.

Production Time

  • We make these letters to order in our UK workshop, we do not keep any sizes in stock
  • The production time is currently around 2 weeks
Room TypeBoys

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